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La Petite Ecole's Olympiades party

It was the end of the year party at la Petite Ecole on Saturday, and it had an Olympic twist, with games and medals at the end!

Here are some pictures, including one where we tried to recreate the Olympic rings 🤩😂.

The younger kids drew a nice loooong picture! Jen's class organised a raffle to fund their project to travel to France and learn more about the Gauls and Romans, as well as going to the Parc Astérix ! Christian Albuisson, conseiller des Français de l’étranger helped them once more with a generous donation. Merci 🙏

Thank you to the consul général de France à Édimbourg Stephane Pailler for joining us. And thanks to all the parents who helped with organising the party.

And of course, a massive thank you to our teachers! See you soon Anna 😉! Good bye Juliette and Pauline, our amazing class assistants, un grand merci à vous 😍.

Have a nice summer, we'll see you in September 🤩

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