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Enrolment 2023-2024

Enrolment happens online by filling out our online registration form.

You must complete one form per child after reading the fees, the terms and conditions and our privacy policy before filling out the form.

​Important dates

The calendar for the 2022-2023 classes and events is available here.

Registrations open : July 1, 2023

Registrations close : July 31, 2023

Classes start : Saturday 2nd of September and Tuesday 5th of September 2023

Registrations for the second term open : November 1, 2023

Registrations for the second close : November 30, 2023

New registrations

For new pupils, La Petite Ecole offers a two-week trial period to assess if the lessons match the expectations and to determine whether the level assigned initially is relevant. Following this trial period, the enrolment is definitive in the absence of written cancellation and the academic fees are due.

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