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La Petite Ecole's Galette party

La Petite Ecole d'Edimbourg picked its Kings and Queens.

Saturday 27th January, more than 140 children and parents gathered to enjoy the Galettes baked by the families. The first human galette in the history of La Petite Ecole was also created!

Whatever the shape, they were delicious and even inspired a former member of the committee a little farandole. ‘J'aime la galette, savez-vous comment?’ Some of our students had just learned the song.

Parents and teachers held stands - books, spaghetti and origami workshops... A big thank you to all the parents involved in this wonderful January celebration!

Thank you also Stephane Pailler consul general and director of L'institut Français d'Ecosse and Charlotte Hyvernaud-Ning, attaché for education and university cooperation, for joining us with French consular advisors Christian Albuisson, Brigitte Guenier and Veronique Miller.

Our oldest students have started a collection for their travel project to France in 2025. Thank you to the parents and Christian Albuisson for their donations.

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